Backyard chickens can be wonderful companions. Interest in keeping them has grown as part of the local, sustainable, and organic food movements. Chickens are energetic, inquisitive, and friendly animals that "give back".

They love to range freely, and allowing them to do so kills the proverbial two birds with one stone: they'll eat any garden pest they can get their beaks on (earwigs, grubs, beetles, even moles) and they'll turn it all into treasure in the form of fertilizer. Chickens can eat almost anything people can, and they adore "people food" - so you can throw those unwanted leftovers into the chicken run. Composting is a wonderful way to reduce your ecological footprint, and a nitrogen-rich compost pile is a healthy compost pile. What better to provide nitrogen in your compost pile than chicken poo?

Plus - we carry all the feed and supplies you'll need to get your backyard flock off to a good, healthy start!