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20% Off Microchipping

20% Off Microchipping ( Print This )

Simply put, your family pet is irreplaceable. However, his or her natural curiosity, accidental separation, or some other reason, could lead to him or her getting lost. While collars and identification tags are a must for your pet, microchips are a great back up option in case collars fall off or tags become too worn to read.

Here are a few things to think about regarding microchips:

Microchips increase the likelihood pets are reunited with their owners if they do become lost
Microchips last for the lifetime of your pet
Microchips can be extremely helpful in natural disasters where there’s a higher chance of becoming separated from your pet
Microchips are not just for dogs; cats can be microchipped as well and since many cats don’t wear collars, this may be the only form of identification a cat has
To celebrate National Microchip Month and give you a bit more peace of mind, get your pet microchipped now and save!

Come visit us at a clinic today and save 20% on a microchip!

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Until June 4th, 2018 


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